Dati puma-puppy love lang.


Ngayon, dumo-dog style na. 


Before I get into it, just know the pictures just serve as visual representations, not actual pictures

Okay so anyway, evidence for this theory is the following:


Only two kind of habitats give rise to hairless animals, an aquatic one and a one below the ground (a naked mole rat for example)

.The suggestion that humans have become hairless to prevent overheating has been rendered false because hair can act like a defense against the sun.

This is why camels retain their fur even in the hot dessert environment. 


We have ten times the number of fat cells as expected in an animal our size. Only two types of animals have large fat cells: hibernating and aquatic ones. 

In hibernating it’s seasonal fat, but in aquatic it’s all year round. It’s unreasonable to think that we evolved this feature in land because large fat pockets would have just slowed us down. 

Primate babies are always born slender, but human babies start to develop fat even before birth. 


So we’re the only mammals that have developed bipedalism. This is a surprise, because walking on 2 legs vs. walking on 4 legs is very disadvantageous. It’s slower, unstable, our organs are vulnerable to damage.

One theory is that if our habitat was flooded, we’d have to walk on two legs to keep our heads above the water.

The only animal who has ever evolved a pelvis like ours, the swamp ape, used this method. 


We have conscious control over our breathing. Ever other land animal doesn’t. Mammals like dolphins and seals also conscious control because it tells them how deep they are going to dive and they can estimate how much air they need to inhale.


Our body is so wasteful of salt and water. Think of tears and our way of sweating. Other land mammals don’t have this. Water mammals do however. 

Okay anyway I hope you learned something. 

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You’re a teenager.
You have a messy room.
You spend most of my time online.
You go to bed late and you’re crazy about one person.

Spongebob:  What if I break your trust someday?
Patrick:  Trusting you is my decision, proving me wrong is your choice.
Getting back with an ex is pretty much like taking a shower and putting your dirty underwear back on.


Sometimes I wanna be Daniel; sometimes Kathyrn.

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In group projects, I do all the work or none of it.


There’s no in between.


Admit that sometimes it’s not the butterflies that tell you you’re in love, but the pain.

Mahirap talaga mag-ipon.


Lalo na kung ikaw yung tipo ng taong laging gutom.

21 Harsh Truths No One Tells You About Life After College


1. You will be confused every single day
Even if you are in school or have a job, society forces you to constantly wonder about your future.

2. You will be tired all.the.time
Why? I don’t know why, but you find yourself ok with the fact that sometimes you go to bed before 9pm.

3. Hangovers are a whole different animal
Gone are the days when you can wake up, go out to brunch and be back to normal. Hangovers can now last into MONDAY, that’s right Monday.

4. You will answer questions about your job every day
How’s your job going? Same as it has been all year—thanks!

5. You will feel alone
Even though you’re not alone.

6. You will feel scared
And you have good reason to be scared; now, every decision you make has the potential to greatly change your life.

7. You will feel at once too young and too old for a lot of things
Too old to go out 4 nights a week but too young to stay in—the struggles. But in all seriousness, this concept, regardless of going out, is very real.

8. You will start thinking about marriage and babies
When you find out your classmates are having kids, there is no longer a feeling of pity for them for being teen mothers; kids are normal now. You friends will start getting engaged and you can’t help but think about marriage and babies.

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May mga bagay na hindi na kailangang i-explain, lalo ng kung obvious naman.
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Marvel Part Time Jobs by Chow Hon Lam

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